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About us

The Babiage story began in 1993. At first as an importer, the founder, Mr. Nicolas Maus, has always been on the lookout the search for totally innovative products.
A pioneer in his field, he was the first to distribute in Europe the plush toys with audio units reproducing the intra uterine sounds.
Listening to his customers and wanting to enrich the market, N. Maus decided to create his own brand, Babiage, in 2002.

He then launched the Babiage Doodoo, a plush toy containing amonitor
that reproduces the sounds heard in the womb to soothe babies from birth.
20 years later, it remains the best for a peaceful night for babies and their parents.
The range will gradually expand with useful and innovative accessories, facilitating the daily life of parents such as the Bo mixer, the KleenUp, the shopping hammock, the Babiage Tooprop...

Now located in Waterloo (Belgium), Babilover advocates the "made in Belgium" approach and manufactures as much as possible its products or their components on Belgian territory.
Present in many countries, Babiage is a brand recognized for its quality and
the seriousness of its customer service.
It is the only brand to offer the possibility to buy spare plush for this type of
product. A service well appreciated by parents who understand the importance of having more than one toy just in case...