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Babiage TooProp


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Babiage Tooprop effectively bridges the gap between baby’s plate and his mouth to
prevent messy spillages at meal-time. Using it with every meal will cut down on laundry,
saving water, detergent, electricity and work for baby’s parents.
Babiage Tooprop also acts as an anti-slip base for baby’s plate:
• making it easier for parents to fill the spoon.
• helping baby to learn to eat independently.
Convenient too: it can be rolled up to save space, or for easy packing and carriage anywhere.
Very easy to use: just pull it over baby’s head, no fiddly ties.
Easy cleaning: by hand or in the dishwasher, the Babiage Tooprop can also be sterilized.
Comfortable for baby: soft, fexible and hypoallergenic.
Made of food grade silicone that lasts for years.
No phthalates or any other hazardous substances.
Dimensions: 25 x 55 cm.
Suits babies 0 to 24 months.