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Why chosing Babiage ? How does it work ?

Posted by Laurence Ricaille on

This is it, a baby is coming!

Do you know that baby is able to hear from month 3 of pregnancy?
Immersed in the amniotic liquid, he is always surrounded by the sound of mum’s heartbeats and breathing, stomach noises, blood circulation,...
It’s never quiet there!

After birth, newborns are very often staying in a room far from disturbing noises and it’s not natural for them.
They are missing the peaceful and reassuring atmosphere of their mother’s belly.

Nested inside of a very soft toy, the audio unit of the Babiage Doodoo is reproducing these familiar sounds heard by baby during the last 6
months of gestation. It has an immediate soothing effect. The memory of the pregnancy will directly calm down the baby.

Used in hundreds of maternity ward, Babiage Doodoo soothes newborns in a minute.
Tip: It’s important to carry Doodoo at the hospital the day of delivery. As soon as you start as good will be the result.

Rested parents, happy baby !
Doodoo Babiage provides parents restful nights.
Equipped with a sound detector, the device automatically starts for 3 minutes as soon as the baby cries.
This extra function brings a great comfort to parents who no longer have to get up every time baby wakes up at night.
Babiage Doodoo reassures and sent baby back to sleep in a completely natural way.

Baby grows up, Babiage Doodoo grows up with him.
Around age of 8 to 10 months, the effect of intrauterine sounds decreases and eventually disappears completely.
When this happens, place the cursor on the music note of the device and you are left for several years of calm nights with a soft lullaby (Brahms) that soothes baby and helps him to go back to sleep without you having to get up at each tears.