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The baby shower: a trend coming from America that we love!

Posted by Laurence Ricaille on

The ritual of spoiling a baby with gifts before its arrival is an ancestral tradition in many cultures. In India, for example, it is known as "God Bharavi" or in Latin America as "fiesta de obsequios".

It then developed in the United States to become the famous "baby shower" made popular in TV shows like Friends or Sex and the City.

This is how this pre-natal party gradually crossed the Atlantic to reach our country.

Why are we crazy of it?

Because it's a great opportunity to get together with your besties, to have a good time and to get lots of gifts for Baby!

Usually organized at the end of pregnancy, around the 8th month, we meet with friends, colleagues, family around cupcakes or in a spa to decompress before the arrival of the baby.

What to give?

There is no shortage of gift ideas: from small personalized bodysuits to baby and mom care items to a molding kit for little feet.

Don't forget to offer a Doodoo too! Indeed Mom will need it as soon as baby is born at the maternity ward, so this is the best time.

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